City-Grown Blooms by the Bunch & Bouquet

Grown with organic practices right here in Vancouver, our flowers are available from our urban farm starting in June. We sell by the bouquet through our weekly or bi-weekly market garden CSA Subscription or you can custom order our blooms for your upcoming event.

Weddings & Events

We provide a truly unique opportunity for DIYers looking for locally-sourced, sustainable flowers for your wedding or party. Contact us to come by the garden and view the flowers or discuss what will be in season for your date. We can also work with you to design custom arrangements using our flowers for your event. Event planners & designers are welcome to source us for providing exceptional, eco-responsible flowers for their clients & events.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Flower Subscription

Full Season Weekly Flowers late June to Sep: $350 for 14 wks, avg value $25/ bouquet
Full Season Bi-Weekly Flowers late June to Sep: $185 for 7 wks

Pick-up late JUNE to SEPTEMBER
TUESDAYS 3-6pm at the Farm, 780 West 57th Avenue, w/ after-hours pick-up
FRIDAYS 12-3pm, at the Farm, 780 West 57th Avenue, w/ after-hours pick-up

2023 Registration is open! Reserve your share of the harvest now.

Not Your Average Flower!

Grown in the field intermixed with our vegetable & fruit crops, our flowers are grown using sustainable & eco-responsible farming methods. We carefully choose varieties that will not only knock your sensory socks off with their vibrant colours and heady perfumes, but have been bred the good old fashioned way over the years for disease resistance & hardiness to our climate. Our vegetable crops benefit from the pollinators attracted to the flowers, and our soil benefits from a careful rotation of crops. This encourages our insect and avian neighbours to do their part in helping us maintain a healthy and balanced garden.

What now seems so incredible used to be the norm—buying beautiful armfuls of flowers grown right down the street. Flowers are another way to remind us of the importance of seasonality and locality in the choices we make as consumers. They are fleeting reminders of the delights of enjoying things each in their own season without resorting to jetting our blooms thousands of miles across the world for a few short days on our table. The beauty of flowers is fleeting, which is of course, part of what makes them so alluring.

Our flowers are harvested & conditioned at most a day, maybe two, before they reach your table. This means they last longer in the vase and are truly at their peak for you to enjoy.

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