Cargo Bicycle Delivery Now Available

Wonderful partnerships form when people connect! A CSA member reached out to offer bicycle delivery service to fellow members. Rob figured he’d be biking anyways, why not drop off some other folks’ veggies & flowers along the way? (See catchment area below). He’s working out some cargo delivery logistics for future endeavors, and what a great trial run. He’s got folks to call on if he has to miss a week, so, reliable. And folks who can’t make the trip to the farm can access our same-day harvested produce. Winning, all round. So glad you reached out Rob.

Here’s Rob’s offering to our Community of Shared Agriculture:

Sign up today to get your weekly CSA box delivered carbon-and-contact-free by cargo bicycle!

Delivery available for the whole season, or select weeks on Tuesdays. Save yourself the gas and time each week with delivery for the whole season, or skip a trip to the farm one week to go to the beach or (for less fun reasons like) to quarantine at home. Delivery zone as pictured, open to requests to deliver beyond the zone if possible.

Pricing is a sliding scale depending on ability to pay and distance. Recommended minimum delivery charge is $5/week, up to what you feel is fair. (Higher payments will enable me to afford to do more deliveries for those less able to pay.) Pay by cash, cheque, email transfer, and Vancity member to member transfer either in advance, or week to week. I will also happily consider barter offers.

Leave a basket or cooler (or reuse a meal kit box?) and/or vase with water outside your door on delivery day and enjoy fresh, locally grown, bicycle delivered produce or flower brought to your doorstep each week this growing season.

Please contact Rob at or call me at 778-651-0101 with questions or to request delivery.

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