Grow Your Own Food Course is back!

We are so happy to announce that the Grow Your Own Food Course is back for the 2021 growing season. We had to cancel last year during the onset of the pandemic. Growing on the grounds of a long-term health care facility, and the oh-so-uncertain times that were March 2020, fences had to go up around a newly designated COVID recovery ward and we lost access to 35 instructional and community garden plots. We were so sad to lose growing grounds when people most needed access to the outdoors, and to connect with what nourishes us: food, nature & community. But we are so happy to be bringing back instructional & community garden plots for 2021. COVID-19 recovery ward no longer needed, the fences have been removed and we’re in!

Jess Henry, long-time Farmer on 57th and professional grower, is teaching the course again this year excited to bring the gardens back to life with a new cohort of students. Outdoor instructional sessions through April will be broken up into 2 groups of 7 & 8 as Jess guides gardeners to plan what they’ll grow, start seeds at home and prepare 4′ x 8′ growing plots. See our website for more details about the course & COVID safety protocols.

14% of each student’s registration fees this year will go towards the donation of a CSA Harvest Box to help neighbours in Marpole gain better access to yummy veg.

Someone holding up a beet they grew.

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