The Tarps are Down

As the redevelopment on the Pearson-Dogwood site begins to take shape, we farmers must relocate the market garden by the end of 2018. There are many phases of the redevelopment project, and the first phase builds where the existing market garden is currently located. The future permanent location of the farm will not be established for several years. So – we are building a transition farm! It will be tucked between Pearson residences and will deliver the same programs and same delicious organic veggies.

There are many ways to build a farm where there is existing lawn. We decided we would first tarp the lawn to kill the grass. Step one is in progress.

Part of the new transition site.

Tarping the lawn to make way for the transition market garden


Existing market garden looking south east. Garlic grows here!

Existing site, looking south. This view will change very soon.



I am into community building, eating delicious local organic food and helping others.

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