I just want to grow Flowers

We asked him if he wanted to grow carrots. NO. Beets, NO. Peas, beans, zucchini, no no no…parsley, tomatoes…the list went on. To each he shook his head, almost imperceptibly – but definitely a no. We begin Garden Club each year with a seed starting gathering at the end of March. We try to figure out what each Pearson resident gardener wants to grow from the vegetable and flower seeds that we have.

Having exhausted our list of vegetables, I went through the flower options: Calendula, Cosmos, Sweet Peas…and here, the brightly coloured pictures of the promised flowers appeared to elicit a yes from this gentleman. I focused on flowers and this gardener’s vision soon became clear – he was drawn to orange and red flowers.

Spending time with people who don’t communicate in traditional ways presents a certain challenge. Each person is unique, of course, and getting to know someone better can result in better understanding him or her. You try to find some common ground, a place where you can understand each other. The garden is a beautiful space to do this, and you know the general theme of the conversation is likely garden-related. Each success is richly rewarding – even if it is simply discovering that someone likes flowers.

Now in October, some flowers are still blooming, their bright colours mingling with the reds and oranges of fallen leaves. Garden Club has wrapped up for the year, but come next March, we’ll again embark on the journey of discovering what each resident gardener wants to grow.


I am into community building, eating delicious local organic food and striving to improve our world while enjoying the wonderful stuff.

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