Hi there, my name is Jaclyn – this years summer student

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Hi! My name Jaclyn Kaloczi and I am the Farmers on 57th Summer Student this season.
I wanted to introduce myself as over the summer, I will be working with the 3 programs Farmers on 57th leads – The Market Garden at Cambie and 57th selling CSA boxes, the Garden Club at the George Pearson Centre, and with Growing Eden, a food garden for kids and families partnered with the South Vancouver Family Place. As a non-farmer, and someone with little experience working with food, farming and gardening, but a strong passion for it, I will be sharing my personal journey this summer getting my hands in the dirt. I will be posting snippets of my days spent working with each of these garden programs here on our blog; writing from a first person perspective about the things that I have learned, personal observations about the gardens and programs, things that have inspired me, things that have sparked ongoing curiosity, knowledge and skills shared between the organizers, volunteers and community, and really how it feels to get outside, experience working outdoors, and to connected with nature! I am happy to read any questions, suggestions or feedback you may have. Please get in touch at with me at jaclyn.kaloczi@gmail.com


A bit about me and why I am here!
I am currently completing a master degree in landscape architecture at the University of British Columbia. My area of interest within the profession lies within health promoting landscapes – those which encourage health and well-being from the start – not just as a solution for treating disease and illness. I am inspired by landscapes that nurture people, which can also be synergistically nurtured by people – which has led me to food related landscapes. I am passionate about healthy food and a plant-based lifestyle and run a food-based social media project called ‘Landscape Diet’ further exploring these topics. I discovered Farmers on 57th in the spring of this year, while searching for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box program, and was more than inspired by the many projects they have on the go. Reaching out as a volunteer, the team warmly welcomed me to join in. Since then, every day spent working either at the Market Garden, the Garden Club, and with Growing Eden has been an inspiration, a life-changing day, a source of knowledge, wisdom, inquisition, and an ongoing journey discovering the beauty, importance, and sheer joy of working outdoors in nature and with the community.

More to come soon!

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