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Why a farm tour?

A hands-on experience at a farm! For those of us living in the city, the joy of connecting the food we eat to how it grows is a deeply meaningful learning experience. Your group will have the opportunity to see, touch, smell and observe food being grown right in the city, while being guided by a professional farmer and educator.

What topics will we cover?

While we explore the farm we make links to concepts of local food, seasonal eating, nutrition, organic farming methods, sustainability and active living. Our tours can be fully tailored to your needs: for corporate team building, school and youth groups, scouts, everyone is welcome! Be in touch to create your ideal tour, or choose one of the following.

Boy Scouts Dig It!

Farm Tours:

1. Tasting Tour

Explore the farm with your taste buds. Your group will enjoy the spice of an edible flower, the zing of a kale seed pod or the fresh taste of garden greens. Depending on the season, this tasting tour will have a different flavour!

2. Dig it! Tour

You will get your hands in the soil while we discuss soil life, composting, micro-organisms and how they make our food possible.


3. Sustainability Tour

Tour the farm through sustainable eyes. Stop off around the farm for group discussions about the differences between organic and conventional farming, large scale monoculture farms and small scale intensive farms.


A 1 hour tour is $60 for groups 12 or smaller, or $5 per person for bigger groups.

To book or enquire:

To enquire about our urban farm tours please email or call (778) 997-3609.

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